Featured Survival Courses

The following are Thrive Outdoors core survival courses. All courses include transportation, food & drink, core reference materials, and necessary outdoor gear (to be returned or purchased at discount after outing). If you are flying in to either Manchester, Boston, or Portsmouth airports we will pick you up. Just let your instructor know your flight and arrival times.

All levels are customizable for your enjoyment and learning style. We have three major styles for you to choose from (click each for more info): Relaxed, Moderate, or Military. After you decide which works for your group consider adding on a theme: "Stranded", "Zombies", & "Behind Enemy Lines" are popular choices. Click on the links below for more info or contact us to register.

Remember these two things: Thrive Outdoors is different than most "Survival Schools". You will learn the basics of wilderness survival, but our curriculum is specifically designed to get you thinking about the process in everyday life as well. 

Every Time you purchase anything from Thrive Outdoors - from a sweatshirt to a master level course - you are supporting our sponsorship program.

Military style tarp cover

Military style tarp cover

BASIC Survival - 2 day / 1 night - $200 pp

THRIVE OUTDOORS Basic Survival is our down and dirty intro to being in the forests of New England overnight. Designed specifically for those who thought they would never sleep in the woods, or those looking for some basic knowledge for surviving in wild New England environs, you'll come home a stronger you.


Intermediate Survival - 3 day / 2 night -$300 pp

THRIVE OUTDOORS Intermediate Survival is prefect for the casual car camper or day hiker looking to broaden their knowledge and comfort level in the great outdoors. Grab your pack and get ready to Thrive in the wild.

Figuring out the supplies

Figuring out the supplies

Advanced Survival - 4 day / 3 night - $375 PP

THRIVE OUTDOORS Advanced Survival is designed to test your limits without taking away from the fun and peace you will find. 

By the end you will make your own fires, build your own shelters, know where to get your food and water, and have a whole new outlook on yourself. Your new Survival Mindset will last, and life may just have a brand new feel. 

Quinzee and campfire...

Quinzee and campfire...

Masters Survival - 7 days / 6 nights - $950 PP

The THRIVE OUTDOORS Master Survival package squeezes as much New England Survival as possible into a week-long adventure.