Lin and the Pooch

Lin and the Pooch

Lin Huelle, Life Navigation Mentor

Lin is motivated, dedicated, and passionate. These attributes work perfectly with her desire to see others Thrive. She has found and created a variety of ways to connect with people while working towards bringing positivity and healing into everyone's lives.

Created several life enrichment programs, such as Compassion Fatigue, Financial Freedom and Nutrition Goals for employees at former veterinary facility.

Currently leads a recovery group at RAW (New England Recovery and Wellness)

Facilitator of “The Pedometer Challenge”  - a competition for inhospital networks.

Created a library for all employees to utilize and contribute to.

Assistant Leader of Meet Up beach volleyball

Leader of Meet Up winter bowling

Completed all 48 four thousand foot mountains in the State of NH.

Completed Belknap Mountain Range.

Created and facilitator of “Hope for Our Loved One’s. Recovery”, a support group for families and friends who have loved ones with Substance Use Disorder. Cur

Currently working towards CRSW (Certified Recovery Support Worker)

Associate Degree in photography and Journalism, White Pines College


What gets you up in the morning? What is it you look forward to? What do you yearn to learn about? For Lin, it was always the outdoors. When she was most inspired, it was on the peak of a mountain. Or body surfing under a full moon at the ocean. Or photographing a waterfall that took her breath away. Sensitive to other’s difficult times, she has dedicated her career to guiding others in finding fulfillment by showing them healthy, positive choices. She Understands Substance Use Disorder because her own life has been affected by this disease. Helping others make healthy, positive choices in their lives is what Lin is devoted to as a Life Navigation Mentor.

For more information about Life Navigation Mentoring for you or a loved one contact us or reach out to lin Directly at

 On the water

On the water