Why Thrive Outdoors? 

Because Thrive Outdoors is not just teaching emergency survival and outdoor learning skills. We are teaching our original - and life changing - "Everyday Stress Management" curriculum anytime we meet people in the classroom, on the trails, or out on adventures. Participants will have the opportunity to learn the BIG 5© , the Rules of 3, the 6 C's, the Healthy Life Triangle©, the Balance effect©, and so much more. We don't just give people the chance to make memories for life, we offer them a new way to navigate life.


Upcoming Trips

Below are featured trips that Thrive Outdoors partners or instructors will be leading in the coming months. Some are open to everyone, and some are for specific age groups or populations, but all are more fun than you thought you could have with a pack on your back (some don't even require packs). These trips are typically first come first served, but getting registered early enough means you and your loved ones can enjoy an outdoor adventure with almost none of the planning headaches.


This schedule is currently being updated. Check back with us soon... No worries, no stress :-)