Geralynn Salomone-Ciance - Partner, Educator, CFO

 Geralynn with the Mount Major Selfie

Geralynn with the Mount Major Selfie



Curriculum Development, Lesson Planning, Differentiated Instruction,GIS Geographic Information Systems, Cartography, Maps and Map Reading,
Geocaching, EarthCaching

Masters: Curriculum and Instruction with a Specialization of Teaching through the Arts
Bachelor of Arts: Elementary Education
Bachelor of Science: Geography with a focus on cartography and GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
Recipient of the Distinguished Teacher of the Year award from the NCGE (National Council for Geographic Education)
Presenter at the NCGE (National Council for Geographic Education) National Conference
Independent BeachBody Health and Wellness Coach
Publications: Paying for our Past: A legacy of Industrial Waste
Small business owner: Cairn Geo-Consulting
Former elementary educator certified k-8 with a 10+ years experience teaching at Hampstead Central School, in Hampstead, New Hampshire
Served as Chair for Hampstead Central School’s Social Studies committee
Former GIS Analyst and drafter/environmental technician

Geralynn’s professional skills, passion for teaching and love of the natural environment adds an integral component to Thrive Outdoors.  After graduating with dual bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Education and geography, with a focus on cartography and geographic information systems (GIS), she spent nearly 3 years in the private sector consulting field strengthening her geography/GIS knowledge base.  Although enjoying the technical challenges, she missed working with children and longed for serving a greater purpose.  As a result, she left the private sector and worked as a 3rd and 4th grade looping teacher with the Hampstead School District at the Central School in Hampstead, New Hampshire.  

For over 10 years she developed a myriad of units and lessons covering all elementary disciplines while concurrently fine-tuning her methods for educating via differentiated instruction in an effort to best meet all learners.  Her passion for the outdoors and geography drove her teaching and she regularly designed her academic content to fully immerse students in an environment where all curriculum requirements were met with geographic education being the vehicle of instruction

Driven to find the most effective ways of impacting all students, Geralynn pursued her Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization of Teaching through the Arts.  With this added knowledge, she was able to provide rich and enjoyable learning experiences that delivered a wide range of awareness/competency using a mosaic of tools within a single lesson.  Integrating the arts, in conjunction with outdoors and nature, was integral part of her instruction to connect children to practical methods of learning and comprehension.  Her style of thinking encouraged children to “think like a geographer” and ask questions on a grander scale and make deeper connections to their learning through personal experiences. 

Geralynn left the public school system in 2010 to devote her time to motherhood.  For the last 6½ years, she has been nurturing her family and providing early childhood educational experiences for her two children.  During this time frame, she concurrently started her own business providing technical drafting/cartography support services to engineering firms and became an independent health and wellness coach.  She joined Thrive Outdoors with an interest in developing curriculum for a variety of applications and age groups.  Her knowledge of state curriculum requirements, and strong desire to teach through personal connections and experiences with nature, made her commitment to Thrive Outdoors an easy and natural choice.

Interests & Hobbies:

Health & Wellness, Homeschooling, Geospatial Technologies Hiking, Biking, Kayaking, Camping, Alpine Skiing and Riding, Reading

Favorite Quote ~"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." ~Albert Einstein