We don't only believe that nature and the ability to maintain a positive mindset in all situations is valuable and worthwhile for everyone, we also strive to be aware and informed of updated research on how we can best help everyone.

This page has resources to support our theory and to encourage you in your own journey toward getting outside and living a healthier, happier, life.

Why do we want everyone to learn helpful tools and tips for relaxation and stress reduction?

Because America, as a nation, suffers from chronic stress and heart disease.

For useful information on Heart Disease & Stress related medical issues: 

CDC: Heart Disease Facts & Statistics

Harvard Health Publications: Broken Heart Syndrome or "Stress" Cardiomyopathy

American Heart Association: Stress and Heart Health

Why do we work with youth?

Because the teen years are stressful and without proper understanding and a place to learn healthy coping skills, many teens can become anxious and/or depressed.

The Anxiety And Depression Society of America: Facts on Anxiety & Depression 

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: Stress Management and Teens

Struggling Teens: Wilderness Therapy as an Intervention and Treatment for Adolescents with Behavioral Problems

And finally, why do we take people out into the wild and give them opportunities to experience serenity or be challenged by the natural world?

Because - we know that it works, and there are countless articles to help support that.

You can read some here: 

Science Suggests Access to Nature is Essential to Human Health: Science Daily

Health Benefits of Getting Outside: National Wildlife Federation  

Living Among Nature Makes Us Happier and Healthier: HellaWella 

How Nature Can Make You Healthier: Best Health

Why Getting Outside is Good For You: Spark People

Nature for kids: KQED News