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Thrive Outdoors Adventure Day Camps 'take off' from 5 different locations each week through the summer (excluding 4th of July week). Seasoned and trained Thrive Outdoors instructors will lead a new adventure everyday of the week. From hiking to boating to survival skills, participants will have the opportunity to try new things, see more of NH, meet new friends, and learn important wilderness and everyday life navigation skills.

For more information read to the bottom and then click on the location below that works best for you.

Ages: 8 - 12               Min participants: 12               Max participants: 20           

Cost: $300 before June 15th / $350 after June 15th (sibling discounts available)

Drop off / pick up sites:  Derry, Manchester, Concord, Nashua, Rochester 

Thursday nights of every other week (July 12th and 26th, August 9th and 23rd) participants will have the option of an overnight camp-out with the other area groups. These will be dependent upon minimum participant requirements and cost an additional $100 for the night (dinner and breakfast will be provided).


Registrations can be completed via the links below or by contacting Christina at

Derry Week to Week            -            Derry Full Season

Manchester Week to Week   -            Manchester Full Season

Concord Week to Week        -            Concord Full Season

Nashua Week to Week         -            Nashua Full Season

Rochester Week to Week      -            Rochester Full Season

                            Overnight Registrations

Why Thrive Outdoors Adventure Camps?

Value: Unlike other agencies that - conceptually - do the same thing we have a proven everyday life navigation support curriculum that was created JUST for us.                             $$ That plus we charge hundreds less per week $$

Smaller group size: Studies show that there is better opportunity for connections and individual learning in smaller groups. Our Camp Team Builders can focus on each participants learning style while moving everyone forward as a team

Understanding the benefits of discomfort: It is simply impossible for anyone to navigate life without some discomfort. Yet, in recent years, our society has pushed this concept on us. Thrive Outdoors staff - through experience, education, and training - not only understands that true positive growth comes from stepping outside of our comfort zones, but knows how to gently and lovingly push others to do exactly that - take those steps and grow. These Adventure Days are designed to help participants push past their initial feelings of discomfort and open up a new world of self-esteem and positive thoughts about their own abilities.

Focus on individual achievement as a teamSociety has shifted several times in recent history - from focus on team to focus on individual and back again. Thrive Outdoors believes that - like nature - we need to find a balance, not an extreme. With this in mind we teach how individuals succeed by supporting the team as a whole - even in a loss (see testimonial from participant below).

Choose your commitment: Participants can sign up for a week, or several weeks independently at different locations, or for the entire summer at one location for a discount.

Reaction to Thrive's approach to community building and team work:
"The team building activity we did today did not go as expected. We walked out into the woods as a group and a group member needed to turn back. Some people really wanted to continue, but as a group we decided to all turn back.
- We went in as a team so we left as a team. -
I haven’t been here long and it helped me feel more united with the others."

                                                                                         ~Annie C