TWeen Adventure Groups (T.W.A.G.)

Ages 8 - 13

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About T.W.A.G.

There are few stages in life more confusing or important than the "tween" years - those years where adolescents are preparing to become full-fledged teenagers. Thrive Outdoors instructors and program designers know this is a crucial time of development and understanding for young peoples minds and bodies.

Utilizing our original BIG 5 For Everyday Life curriculum - as well as many other adventure and education based methods - we mix survival skills, nature experience, positive mindset training, team builder activities, and healthy community engagement to create a fun, welcoming, and supportive environment.

Everyone has a place here. Everyone deserves to know they have value.

Our T.W.A.G. groups are modeled after our ground breaking and successful T.A.G. groups. We meet twice a month for community, getting to know one and other, and team builders - then one Saturday a month for an "Adventure Day" field trip.

TWAG groups meet regularly 8 months out off the year. But our "off" months are filled with opportunities to meet and adventure. TWAGgers are encouraged to join our monthly full moon hikes, keep on the look out for our adventure trips, and stay in contact with instructors / group members on the off months. Many of our off-month adventures are free or discounted for TWAG participants.

For information about our regularly scheduled groups, visit our events page, or to start a T.W.A.G. group in your area, please contact us.

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