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Military Readiness Camps

Our Military style Survival overnights are the toughest we have to offer. Our instructors - and curriculum designers - are former Military Personnel, Fitness Trainers, and Law Enforcement.

You will be challenged, you will work, and you will feel it... But you will SURVIVE! And you will have fun learning how to navigate the military mindset.

These 3 day, 2 night sessions are perfect for those considering service, wondering what military life is like, or hoping to get a crash course in living a more active lifestyle.

Bring a group, go it alone, or make it a family bonding experience. Ask about our parent -child, sibling, and group discount rates.

Some of the topics covered are; Marching, PT, The Military Survival Mindset, Team Movement, Uniforms, Bunk Dressing, Hydration, Post Duties, and Military Culture.

Participants will be required to make their own shelters or sleep in pup-tents (provided), eat MRE's, wake early, march, hike, run, and participate in physical training. A Doctors release must signed before being allowed to participate. Those with existing conditions preventing them from some of the physical training are still welcome. These are Military Readiness Camps, not actual boot camp.

Like the military there will be loud instructors and high stress - but unlike basic training or boot camp - high stress moments will be followed by a debrief period where discussion on how participants can successfully navigate these situations will take place.

Length: Sessions run from Friday afternoons to Sunday evenings, one weekend every month. 

Session price: $375.00 - Cost includes uniform, meals, transportation to and from pickup site, bedding, and top-notch instructors.

Gear: A gear list will be sent to all participants prior to camp. The list is minimal. Thrive Outdoors will request sizes and provide uniforms that you can keep after the camp.

Session dates: May - June -  July -  August

Session locations: TBA - We have several sites we can hold these camps and will choose each one based on registrations, weather, and other factors just prior to the camp.
Site locations are: Back in the Saddle Farm, Hopkinton, NH


Instructors: Our instructors are what make this camp what it is. They have years of experience leading groups and helping people find their inner strength - From Army Ranger to Marine Infantry and 2nd Degree Black belt to Local Police Officer, our instructors have the experience and know their stuff.

      Jake King       Lee Houston       Diana Erickson

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