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Self Awareness & Defense

Self Care

Where it comes from:

Our core group of program and curriculum designers have created relevant, meaningful, and necessary training that fit into any current workplace, school, or group dynamic.

All of our programming is rooted in Our BIG 5 Principles of Survival curriculum. Also known as the Thrive 5, this curriculum is designed to use the needs and prioritization of wilderness and emergency survival to simplify the way we process everyday life. 

We focus on positive mindset using a combination of concepts such as:

  • Needs over desire (Thrive 5)
  • The healthy life triangle
  • The OODA loop
  • Challenge by choice
  • Healthy risk taking
  • Comfort zones
  • Many more...

What participants are saying:

Our Self Awareness & Defense has been met with overwhelming positive reviews and our SELF CARE! training ... well, read for yourself:

"....The case managers and our staff here in the Infectious Disease Prevention, Investigation, and Care Services (IDPICS) loved your presentation... you knocked it out of the park!  You connected so well with everyone and you were spot on with the message to make “Self-Care” the #1 priority in our lives – make it happen.  I am eternally grateful for your time, expertise, poem, and stories.   I would like to mail you a handwritten note of appreciation from our program  (will be able to add some of meeting evaluation comments to the note)..."                                                                                                                        ~IDPICS staff 

Our trainings, presentations, curriculum, and programs have not only been created with science and study, but by field experienced and trained personnel. Former military and law enforcement, current recovery facilitators, case workers, homeless shelter directors, leadership and team building trainers, medical professionals, teachers, and wilderness survival instructors are all a part of creating and implementing Thrive Outdoors' progressive programming. The focus is relevance, sustainable positivity, and practical leadership skills for everyone we work with - no matter their position or background.

How it all started:

Jake - one of Thrive Outdoors founding partners and lead instructors left police work to run the Manchester Homeless Services Center. There he saw how little "real world" applicable training case workers and outreach support teams really get. Because of his years of training in several high stress and potentially dangerous fields he was able to navigate as one of the only staff in a volunteer heavy environment that served over 150 homeless individuals a day. Others had a much harder time. He realized his experience and training to that point was unique, and very few had the same opportunities. He made it his responsibility to help others learn ways to navigate in the same way.

Jake, his brother Ed (a Doctor working with families of children with ADHD and anxiety) and Vinnie, a manger at a large hotel - decided to look into new and more streamlined / relevant ways to teach people how to deal with stress and difficult situations. From this first research - and their collective desire to make a difference - several valuable trainings were born. The first and potentially most relevant to people in general is Self Awareness & Defense