Thrive Outdoors was built on the premise that we can all do our part to make our world better, starting with ourselves and in service to others.

Our team members are educated, experienced and come from all walks of life, ready to meet you where you are.

click a name below to learn about our Partners, Instructors, and leads:

Jake King - Founding Partner, Lead Instructor, CEO

Ed King - Founding Partner, Instructor, Research and Development

Vinnie Haney - Founding Partner, Life Management

~ Nicole Smith-Martin - Programs Coordinator

~Jack Eberth - HR Director / Consulting

~ Lauren Grout - Recovery Program Coordinator, Instructor, Exercise                               and Nutrition Coordinator

Ryan Chasse - Extreme Activities Coordinator/Recovery hikes

Arolyn Chappell - Camp Director/Recovery Facilitator

~ Lee Houston - Military Training and Camp Leader                 

 ~ Christie J.E. Chapman LICSW - Mental Health Consultant

~ Melanie Haney - Creative Director, Leader     

~ Jenny Everett King - Consulting