Step Outside, With Confidence

While the benefits of implementing outdoor education into schooling are many, we understand that taking your classroom outside can be an adventure in and of itself.

We are here to help.

Our emphasis is always on the creation of a safe and supportive community of students, who will, together, learn invaluable communication, stress management, and interpersonal relationship skills.

Communication & Camaraderie

All of our adventure-based learning is challenge-by-choice, meaning that we present opportunities and offer a supportive, encouraging, and safe, environment to attempt really incredible feats, but, ultimately, each student knows that they have the decision to do a ropes course or rock climb, is theirs to make.

Often, it is the camaraderie and conversations that happen on the ground, and as the students work together to effectively belay one another, where the greatest impressions are made and new understandings are formed.

The most important takeaway from our programming, is not the thrill of sliding down a zip-line or reaching the peak (although, those are wonderful experiences). Our goal is to work within your student body to address your classrooms’ needs and goals, and to help give you the tools to achieve those.

What Do You Want To See?

Thrive Outdoors utilizes many team builders and social ice breaker games, as well as vision boards and candid discussion, to get to the heart of each classroom and to encourage individual students to see themselves as an invaluable part of their community.

Our goal is to ask the students and teachers, together, what do you want to see?

And we will get you there.