Adventures and Opportunities for All Ages:

Teen Adventure Group (T.A.G)

For years, T.A.G. has been a gathering together of local teens, under the guidance of Thrive instructors, to create a community of future leaders and adventurers. With an emphasis on working together while growing as individuals, the program meets weekly and includes monthly adventure trips.


Camp GRIT is a monthly weekend-long military boot camp style experience at our base in Hopkinton, NH. For ages twelve and up, this is an adventure in self-determination, persistence and personal growth, all while stepping outside of your comfort zone, in a safe and supportive environment.

Family & Individual Courses

Thrive Outdoors offers a variety of personalized life navigation oriented courses and programs to meet the needs of you and your family. From self-defense to basic wilderness survival, we utilize the core understandings of Big Five to help create lasting, impactful and positive changes in our clients.