Thrive Hiking Series



Thrive Outdoors Hikes (AKA Thrikes) are designed to support beginners and seasoned hikers alike, in getting outside and experiencing the wonders that nature has to offer.

Our hike series is always changing to fit the season and we are always open to adding new hikes to suit new groups of adventure seekers.

FULL MOON HIKES -Free to the community

Our monthly treks out under the glow of the full moon are a popular event for those who seek solitude and respite from the chaos of our daily lives, and for those who are up for an out of the ordinary hiking experience. Each month is slightly different, as we traverse different paths, and are able to take the opportunities as they present themselves, to build fires or simply pause and sit at the edge of a lake and stare up at the starry night.


For more information on upcoming hikes, please visit our events page.

To register for a hiking series, please visit our registration page.