Lauren Grout: Recovery Program Coordinator



Recovery programs

Health and Wellness                         

Working with diverse populations                 

Compassion outreach

Lauren is an example of what people can be when they choose to move through life with the conviction to be there for others while staying true to who they are. Her spirit and love for life make her the ideal instructor for Thrive Outdoors.

Lauren runs Recovery Programming and co-leads Corporate Leadership events for Thrive Outdoors. She is also heading up the exercise and nutrition arm of Thrive Outdoors' BIG 5 for Healthy Living programs.

Lauren has traveled North America from coast to coast and spent time travelling abroad in Mexico and Costa Rica. Her life, work, and school experience is vast and adds to the core of Thrive Outdoors' leadership programs - "We know it because we've lived it".


Exercise Science and Nutrition                    BIG 5 certified                                          CPR Certified