Lee Houston: Military Camps



Nutrition                                                      Recovery                                                  Leadership Skills                                            Former Infantry Marine                          Former Squad Leader                                    Former Fire Direction Center Leader Former Marksmanship Instructor 

Current Fitness Instructor for Title Boxing Club


Urban Warfare                                              Non-Lethal Riot Control                        Jungle Warfare                                            Advanced Mortars Leaders Course            First Aid / CPR

Lee has a passion for helping others maximize their potential, no matter how far down the scale they have gone. He comes from a military background and served four years in the Marine Corps. He was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for service above and beyond the call of duty. Upon the completion of his enlistment in the Marine Corps, Lee obtained a position as a corrections officer at the New Hampshire State Prison and graduated at the head of his class. Lee worked as a corrections officer for close to ten years and achieved the Officer Jeremy Charron Award for military excellence. All this experience has contributed to Lee being able to help others take charge of their own lives and achieve their goals.

Lee is able to help people overcome even the most difficult struggles because he has been there himself. Lee became a member of a twelve step fellowship due to struggling with addiction problems his entire life. He began working a spiritual program of action and his life started to dramatically change. Lee embarked on a process of rectifying his past mistakes and has dedicated his life to helping others do the same. Lee has found that his experience with the twelve step recovery process, along with his military background, have been vital tools to empower others to combat their own struggles.

Today Lee is a family man who enjoys spending time with his fianceé, his children and his soon to be step-children. He also enjoys practicing fitness, nutrition, and having fun in the outdoors!