Basic Survival: Minimum 2 people ($50 charge for solo course). Group rates available

Participants will come out to one of New England's many quality survival spots and learn the basics of emergency wilderness survival. From calming the mind to understanding the difference between self-rescue and waiting for rescue, the course will cover what you need to be safe and effective in the outdoors.

Participants can choose between mountain, forest, and coastal as well as primitive, tent, and cabin overnights. Once you and your instructor have figured out all of the logistics, the fun begins. We will transport you (and your group) from a meeting site to the survival site where the training and education will begin as soon as boots are on the ground.

Because one night is not a lot of time we will only be covering the very basics of the BIG 5 (though we never skimp on Mindset training). From building your own shelters and fires, to understanding the importance of proper food and water gathering, by the time you leave you will understand what it takes to survive in the wilds of New England.