The beach... 

The beach... 

Arolyn Chappell - Camp Director

Specialties:                                                               Crisis Prevention, Outdoor camp living, Program Coordination, Blow-torch fire building

Former substitute teacher                                                 ~Chaperoned multi-day class trips with students,             hiking Appalachian Mountain Trail                       Current Program Director for Friends Emergency Shelter                                                                Current Project Manager for the Concord Cold Weather Shelter                                                   Current Camp Director for Thrive Outdoors                   Current New Hampshire Balance of State:                          ~Youth Subcommittee Chair                                        ~Executive Committee Member

Training and experience in:

Working with diverse populations                                 CPR/1rst AID AED                                                    Crisis Prevention Intervention                                       Mental Health First Aid                                               Addiction and Recovery                                               Families and Addiction training                                    UMaine Presque Isle - 2 years of study in Management and Natural Resources                                                Experience running activities on high and low ropes courses, team building exercises, and leadership programming.

Arolyn has spent the last 9 years working for Friends Emergency Housing Program where her time is spent Coordinating both staff and guests, managing programs and facilities, and reporting / grant writing.  In that time she has gained quality experience working with untreated mental health, recovering addicts, at-risk youth, and in-crisis populations.  Her skills are seen in her ability to motivate people to find the strength to move forward (gaining stable and permanent housing, for example) by increasing their confidence and a sense of self worth. These skills are what Thrive Outdoors core principles and mission are all about.

Arolyn Grew up in rural Pittsburg, NH where she spent most of her time outdoors (in NH’s pristine northern woods and lake areas). Being active in nature was a daily activity and a part of life for her.  Using what nature offers, understanding how animals thrived in the wild, and seeing herself in the “bigger picture” were values instilled at a very young age and continue to be an important way of life to her.

Interests: Fishing, kayaking, hiking, camping, canning, cooking, self sufficiency

Favorite Quotes:

“Wilderness is not a luxury but necessity of the human spirit.”        –Edward Abbey

“Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On”                                                – Jimmy Buffett

“Jake is pretty much the coolest guy ever and he should be the president…   …of something”                                                   - Jake (she said I could leave this up...)


The Birch...

The Birch...