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If we are mentally prepared for tough situations, we fair much better. Being positive is a skill that an be honed everyday, in every circumstance.

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Knowing how and where to build a shelter is incredibly important in wilderness survival. Likewise, knowing how to work together to create that shelter is invaluable, as is learning to shelter ourselves from negativity from outside and within.

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Fire is one of the most important things you need in the wild, but also, within your spirit. Having a passion that burns, but does not engulf, is a powerful tool.

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Understanding how deeply water affects us can change our lives, both physically and philosophically. From water, we can learn to flow in any situation.

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Even more than learning how to forage and prepare food in a wilderness setting, understanding the importance of food in our everyday lifestyles is crucial. We need to be thoughtful of what we are eating and why.

“Thrive’s ‘BIG 5’ stands up beside Maslow as a theoretical model for informing treatment of mood, anxiety, and stressor-related disorders”
— Christie J. E. Chapman, MSSA, LICSW

This is a brief overview of our core curriculum. The deeper we delve, in the wilderness or in our everyday life scenarios, the more tools, skills, mechanisms, and methods we offer.

From leadership skills, stress management mechanisms, and performance capabilities - to higher self-esteem, strong wilderness survival skills, a more well-rounded healthy lifestyle, and a better understanding of the world around us - Thrive Outdoors' curriculum can work positive change into all facets of our lives.