Self Care


Self Care Presentation are 2 - 4 hours in length - depending on activity level desires.

Cost: $55 per participant. Contact us for information on group rates.

Taken from a page out of our Self Defense and Awareness Training, our Self Care training expounds upon the reasons and motivation to put one's health and well being above all else. 

This is not intuitive to everyone, and to many it feels selfish and wrong, but there are lessons all around, teaching us that self care is paramount - we only have to accept them. From police work to the military service, and teaching to all aspects of recovery, the message is there - if not clear enough yet - if you can't take care of yourself you can't take care of anyone. This applies to staff, clients, and administration of any service organization. To students, faculty, and support staff of any educational system. To parents, executives, medical professional, and to anyone. Self care needs to be first, no matter how hard it may seem.

Our qualified and experienced Self Care trainers bring their love of nature, their knowledge of self care techniques, and unique personalized stories to help drive home the need to take care of yourself.

Whether you want less turn around or burn out in your company or nonprofit, a healthier body of students, or could use support for yourself in self care, this training is what you are looking for.