Thrive Outdoors lead retreats -Prices start at $175 per person per night (children under 4 are free) with a $525 per night minimum: Includes catered dinner, breakfast, and lunch (per overnight), modifiable agenda, and Thrive Outdoors instruction.

Self-lead retreats - Prices start at $75 per person per night (children under 4 are free) with $300 minimum per night. Meals included.

Deposit - $300 deposit required to reserve date(s). Deposit becomes non-refundable if cancelling less than 30 days before retreat date or once You agree to have Thrive Outdoors begin work on your retreat specific details.

Cancellations - Cancellations must be given in writing 30 days prior to retreat date. Cancellations received within two weeks of retreat date (after full payment is made) will result in a %50 cancellation fee assessed before your refund. Cancellations made less than one week before retreat date are non-refundable.

Balance due - Payment in full - minus deposit - must be received at least two weeks prior to retreat date.

Contact us today to discuss larger group, family, and Non-profit rates - or to start working on your life changing retreat.