Primitive self-made shelters or tents serve as your home away from home as you and your team figure out how to navigate in a different environment; learning leadership, team, and positive self-awareness tools you can take back to your workplace, school, friends, or family.

Tents and sleeping bags will be provided. Extra costs may apply depending on size of group.


Cooked over a fire right there on site or prepared at a local farm to table establishment (depending on meal), your group will get to experience food the way our ancestors did. You know, when our bodies were healthy and our minds connected to the natural world.

*We must be made aware of any allergies in group prior to final booking.

Personalized programs:

Thrive Outdoors can facilitate a retreat that is meaningful to you and your organization. From Yoga to The BIG 5 Wilderness Survival, we will focus on what you desire.

For women, men, families, businesses, non-profits, teams, and any other group - The TORCH is a place for all to grow and reconnect.

*Retreats at The TORCH may sound like they wouldn't be restful or calming, but once you allow yourself to let go of our modern worlds trappings, you'll understand what it is to recharge on a whole new level.

Our Team can help create the perfect experience. We hire experts in the following fields, and will work closely with you to design the ideal retreat for your group. Here are some examples of what we offer:

  • Survival
    • Zombie Survival
    • Military Style
    • Homesteading
  • Wellness
    • Yoga
    • Recovery
  • Positive Mindset
  • Art and Nature
    • Knitting
    • Paint party
  • Spirituality
  • Homeschool Education

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