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Wilderness Survival. Life Navigation.

Thrive Outdoors is a leadership, stress management, & life navigation organization that uses wilderness survival and nature as its primary tools.

We serve the Greater Boston and New England area, providing our students and participants the opportunity to unplug and reconnect while using our leaders’ training, experience, and compassion – as well as natures proven resources - to teach real world leadership, team-building, positive mindset, stress reduction, coping, and self worth realization skills. The participants will also learn important survival skills that will see them through tough situations, wherever their journey takes them.


Corporate Leadership

Thrive Outdoors instructors have the experience, training, and skills to get your team on the same page - working to further your company’s goals. 



Go Beyond Bowling

It’s well known that companies with better employee morale have lower attrition rates. As a result, many company’s understand the importance of getting their staff outside of their offices to strengthen camaraderie.

But, what if you were able to take your team a step beyond? What if instead of a team building event of bowling or bumper cars, you were able to boost morale while cultivating a team mindset that encourages communication and implements successful strategies for coping with stress and interpersonal relationships - all in a fun, laid back atmosphere, indoors or outdoors, and led by leaders in the industry?

With Thrive Outdoors, you can.


Get Out of the Classroom

Give your students more than a break from routine. Instill them with invaluable life skills, self-esteem & a lifetime of memories.