Our Mission:

Our mission is simple: We will use the readily available tools around us, and within us, to help people become more positive-minded, optimistic, and less stressed. We believe that there is a healing quality to testing yourself in a natural setting and that these skills, coupled with the confidence one gains while acquiring them, can be life changing. We will also use volunteerism, charitable donations, and free programs to never stop working towards stronger community, better connections, and a more service oriented society - one small adventure at a time.

Our Values:

Thrive Outdoors and the entirety of our curriculum places emphasis on compassion, leadership, self-worth, and confidence. We strive to show each individual we encounter that they can do more than they ever believed and that they, themselves, are what should be valued most.

Our Vision:

Thrive Outdoors vision is to offer sustainable programming to all. We will treat our employees, students, partner agencies, and the earth with respect and dignity, and set a positive example of caring, stewardship, and self-worth for generations to come.

Our Five Pillars:

  • Positivity (Mindset) – Having control of thoughts and emotional responses. Understanding the healthy balance between overreacting and not reacting at all.

  • Community (Shelter) – Understanding how working towards a united and inclusive community offers us much of the shelter we need.

  • Passion (Fire) – Finding a sustainable and healthy drive in life. One that won’t burn out - or burn us out.

  • Transparency (Water) – Doing what we say and being clear about our intentions. Allowing ourselves to be comfortable with a fluid and dynamic environment.

  • Energy (Food) – Understanding what sustains us and keeps our bodies, minds, and community healthy.

Wilderness to the people of America is a spiritual necessity, an antidote to the high pressure of modern life, a means of regaining serenity and equilibrium.
— Sigurd F. Olson